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2021 EPS QEOD/Young Minds Best Student Presentation Awards Laureates

Dominik Auth, Technical University, Darmstadt, Germany
Electrical injection-locking dynamics of a frequency-modulated comb
Antonio Cutrona, University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom
Self-Starting temporal cavity solitons in a Laser-based microcomb
Alvaro Rodriguez Echarri, ICFO – Institut de Ciències Fotòniques, Barcelona, Spain
Crystalline atomically-thin films boost the nonlinear optical response
Matthew Garett, The University of Sydney, Australia
Ultra-deep multi-notch microwave photonic filter utilising on-chip brillouin procesing and microring resonators
Aurelian John-Herpin, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland
Infrared metasurfaces augmented by artificial intelligence for monitoring dynamics between all major classes of biomolecules
Lal Krishna A.S., Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India
Resonantly enhanced third harmonic up-conversion of 2.4 micron excitation using amorphous germanium zero contrast gratings
Shima Rajabali, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Breakdown of polaritons in ultrastrongly coupled nanophotonic systems
Bartu Şimşek, National Nanotechnology Research Center, Ankara, Turkey
High-Power cladding light stripper with vapor deposition of polyethersulfone
Robyn Tucker, University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom
Subwavelength video-rate terahertz carrier microscopy
Simon White, University of Technology Sydney, Ultimo, Australia
Demonstration of Lossy linear transformations and two-photon interference via singular value decomposition
white background with blue tech hexagonal pattern design