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Letokhov Medal


Established in memory of Vladilen Letokhov (1939-2009), former Vice-Director of the Institute of Spectroscopy of the Russian Academy of Sciences and pioneer in several fields of laser physics, the Letokhov Medal aims at recognizing outstanding contributions in laser-matter interaction, in particular spectroscopy of atoms and molecules, laser manipulation of atoms, and strong field processes. The prize consists of a medal, a certificate and a monetary award of 5000 euros.

The medal will be presented every odd year at a major conference alternatively sponsored by the Quantum Electronics and Optics Division and the Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Division of the EPS.

In 2021, it will be awarded at the CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2021 virtual conferences. Details of the application procedure and information required are given below.

Nominations are to be received online by Saturday May 15, 2021.


The medal will be awarded without restriction of nationality of the recipient. The award shall be preferentially awarded to a single person. However, in exceptional cases, it can be shared by up to three recipients when all of them have contributed equally to the same achievement. Nominations are active for three years. Self-nominations will not be considered.
The nomination package must include:

  • A nomination letter of no more than 5000 characters evaluating the qualifications of the nominee(s) and indicating the exceptional achievement(s) of the nominee(s) and his/her pioneering contribution(s), as well as a suggestion for a proposed short citation.
  • For a nomination of a team of more than one person (but at most three), the nomination letter should clearly specify the individual contribution of each nominee to the awarded work.
  • A two-page biographical sketch of the nominee(s).
  • A list of the most important publications of the nominee(s) with the 10 most important articles highlighted.
  • At least two but no more than four letters of support (which should not come from the same institution as the nominator or the nominee).

Online nominations are now open using the link here.
All material must be prepared in English and combined into either a single consolidated PDF file or a ZIP archive.


Prize Juries:

2021 Prize Committee:

Joachim Burgdörfer (AMOPD Chair)
Giulio Cerullo (QEOD Chair)
Lukas Gallmann (QEOD)
Alicia Palacio
Helene Perrin
Thomas Udem (QEOD)
Victor Zadkov (ISAN/Troitsk)

2019 Prize Committee:

Luc Bergé (Chair)
Joachim Burgdörfer (AMOPD Chair)
Giulio Cerullo (QEOD Chair)
Reinhardt Dörner
Janos Hebling
Guglielmo Tino
Victor Zadkov (ISAN/Troitsk)


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